What is Wakeful?
Wakeful is a product in response to numerous commuter drivers and truck drivers who are suffering from drowsiness or have experienced sleeping while driving. Wakeful can detect and track a person's eye and can determine whether the eye is closed, and if that is so then the device can alert the user if their eyes are closed for too long.
At John Brown University, I attended a class called collaborative design where I was assigned to a group of ten students out of six other groups where graphic design, business, engineering, and computer science majors worked together to ideate and develop an electronic product by the end of the semester, and present this product in front of judges and they will determine if our product does indeed pose a market validity. As one of three graphic designers, I helped develop the logo for Wakeful and directed the majority of the brand identity, such as color, mood, and establishing a brand guidelines. I also helped the team produce mockups to identify how Wakeful can be marketed.
Though this product is not entirely a reality, the final presentation showing off this ambitious project has gained recognition for the ingenuity that went into the engineering, as well as the way the presentation is set up which I also took part in.
Different ways the Wakeful logo can be utilized in various colored background.
Myself and other graphic designers have shared each other our proposals for the packaging design so we may determine the final look. I was in charge to finalize the package design and render mockups for it. The package having a simple layout and design so the audience can easily follow represents the Wakeful's ease of use and setup.
Final prototype rendered on the left and another attached to a magnetic car mount, implying the flexibility of how the Wakeful can be placed.
The Wakeful's flexibility demonstrated in day-to-day use.
Having an eye-catching and simple design is what I had in mind for these billboard banner graphics. The "WAKE UP!" call to action represents Wakeful's best interest to serve its consumers so that drivers can stay awake if feeling drowsy. Following afterwards, Wakeful's slogan "Drive Safe. Stay Alert. Keep Awake" is also represented as a message for drivers to be aware and drive safely. Finally, the Wakeful product can be seen in the bottom right corner with a paper curl effect, while also revealing Wakeful's mission to help people suffering from drowsiness from driving.
Wakeful is supposed to appear friendly and simple. For these Google ad banners, I designed them to have a simple layout by utilizing contrast and content hierarchy in mind.
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