I've utilized the program called Processing to code so I can create generative graphic artworks to be featured in my small typographic art book, Encircling Montserrat.
The following is the introduction to my book:
"Typography is another form of art, so why not make it so that it can be produced as a radial symmetrical design and patterns rather than legibility? That is the question that motivates me to produce the letters of the alphabet into randomly generated works of art, and then utilize them to create various pattern designs. While I am thinking about coming up design ideas, I realize that the thought of “design direction” was the aha moment: what if it could resemble a compass? From there, I began to experiment with a program called Processing to make this project possible."
This is the source code I've developed to generate various alphabetical graphic works, all of which with unique results.
I've used some of my favorite generated graphic works to personally design some patterned graphic works to also be featured.
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