About the Project
April's Rose is a small online local business that specializes in event planning and provides custom wall backdrops for various occasions. With a mission to make every milestone special, April's Rose was founded by a passionate couple who believes in celebrating the people that matter most. They named their business after the founder's birth month and her mother's name. The mission for April's Rose is to offer unique and personalized services to create memories that last a lifetime. As the business grows and evolves, developing a brand design and identity has been initiated to better reflect its values, unique selling proposition, and brand personality.
When approaching the brand design, the first step to successfully capturing the brand identity is designing the logo. The client felt the previous logo was outdated because it no longer reflects their new goals for the new year and intended target audience, primarily young women in their 20s or older that are active in social media. The goal for the logo redesign is to effectively capture the mission, values, and background of April's Rose and be encased with a refreshed aesthetic that is contemporary and sophisticated, while also having fun elements to complement.
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