Aerosyper - A1 Folding Poster, inspired by Posterzine™ magazine layout.
The goal for this project is to create a striking print material that would promote the fictional advanced technological feat that the alien dictatorship has achieved. The idea is to create propaganda promotional material that the oppressive government would hand out to its citizens. I aim to bring this robot character design, called the Aerosyper, to life so that I may narrate its background as a starting point to set up the fictional science fiction story I have orchestrated.
This A1 folding poster project is submitted for my Advanced Graphic Design class. The objective is to design a foldable poster and tailor its content for a unique topic to inform, such as covering a local businesses, point of interests, a product, or fictional media. The goal is to successfully meld typography, graphic design, and layout design principles into a cohesive informative poster design.
The Process
The following I will be sharing my ideation process and sketches that went down into making the final product.
Character Design
Fun fact! I've already been designing the robot during my free time. Once I took on this project, I realized it is an excellent opportunity to keep developing the design and lore surrounding it. But to make the robot design a success, I have to make extensive planning for the whole character to accurately capture the proportions in the final design.
When deciding on the art direction, creating a mood board helps tremendously. Below are the Gundam poster illustrations by Subjekt Zero, which is my greatest inspiration. I find the bold and clean art style, as well as the dynamic poses of the robots to be very striking. Because I'm trying to convey propaganda promo material within a rather oppressive futuristic regime, taking on this similar art direction would fit perfectly.
The content layout is the most challenging part of the A1 folding project. It takes significant planning to decide where the content is facing for each folding page, and how the narrative flows overall for this unique project format.
Throughout the process, I chose the pose and composition for the back page, and what content to include on the front page, which presents the technological features the robot has to boast its deadly potential.
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